Here at Top Dog we are committed to providing the best care to you and your pet. The combination of having both the pool and underwater aquatic treadmill facilities allows us to cater to our patients individual needs.  After the initial assessment of your pet one of our registered and qualified hydrotherapists will decide which treatment method would be most suited to your pet

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Showering & drying:  All of our patients are showered pre swim to remove any excess hair and debris from their coat. This water is also warm to stimulate and relax muscles prior to their hydrotherapy session. We will then shower them off after the session to remove any chlorine residue from their coat. They will be towel dried and we have a blaster for those pets that tolerate this, we ensure your pet leaves us as dry as possible. In order for the sessions benefits to be 100% effective the drying process is very important. Maintaining body heat is crucial especially in older, arthritic dogs. For some patients we advise the use of a dog coat post treatment. Older, arthritic dogs will get optimum benefit if their joints and muscles remain warm. This is especially important in the colder months

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