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‘How can I book a session?’

Call us on 01264 771824 to book during opening hours, or visit our contact us page to complete an enquiry form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

‘What do I need to bring?’

Just bring yourself and your dog! Here at Top Dog we have a shower to wash your dog, towels and drying facilities. We have plenty of toys and treats to make their time with us more enjoyable.

‘What do I do when I arrive?’

Make sure your dog is securely on a lead and follow the sign around to the office and garden area. If we are dealing with another patient you can either wait outside or come and wait in the reception area.

‘How soon before my dogs back to their old self?’

Recovery time can vary depending on the individual dog. The age, general health and condition being treated by hydrotherapy all contribute to their recovery time. Fortunately, hydrotherapy can benefit many conditions along with the general fitness. Usually you will notice a difference in your dog after a few sessions, be it an improvement in their gait, or feeling happier in themselves. Some of our clients comment on improvements seen in their pets wellbeing within the 24-48 hours after the introductory session.

‘What will happen if I’m running late or miss my appointment?’

Up to 10 minutes late – we can still go ahead with the planned session, however it will be cut short if necessary to prevent running late with clients afterwards.

Over 15 minutes late – Depending on the diary that day, we may have time to go ahead with the session. If there are dogs booked in, unfortunately we will not be able to carry out the session and you will be charged for the missed appointment.

Missed appointments – If you fail to inform us that you cannot make the session, full session charges will be made, or a session taken off your block booking.

Cancellations – No charges are made for cancellations, so long as we are informed within a minimum of 24 hours.

‘I may require some help getting my dog in/out of the car and to the centre, can anyone help me?’

When we speak on the phone, let us know that you will require some help. We will then wait for you in the car park and ensure your pet is safely assisted to the centre.

‘Will my pet insurance pay?

The majority of pet insurance companies will pay for hydrotherapy if the centre is registered with the Canine Hydrotherapy Association (CHA) or NARCH (National Association of Registered Canine Hydrotherapists). Top Dog are full members of the CHA. Check with your insurer and ask for clarification. 

‘Can I feed my dog before/after the session?’

Please do not feed your dog at least 2 hours prior to their session. It is advised that they do not eat 1-2 hours after any exercise.

‘How is an aquatic treadmill different from the hydrotherapy pool?’

The pool allows the dog to exercise in a non weight bearing environment. This relieves pressure on joints and reduces pain and inflammation. Many dogs enjoy swimming and the pool is a safe way of providing mental stimulation.

In the aquatic treadmill we can alter the level of weight bearing by precisely adjusting the water depth. This allows us to increase the level of weight bearing as your dogs becomes stronger. We can also finely adjust the speed to achieve the best range of movement. The glass sides allows us to closely observe from all angles which is vital when assessing how your dog is moving. From this we can reeducate their gait and limb use/placement which is especially important for dogs that are learning to walk again after spinal trauma.

‘Why can’t I take my dog to the lake or river?’

Cold water causes constriction of the blood vessels near the skin and to the superficial muscles which restricts the flow of blood making the muscles less efficient. The increased circulation of blood created by the warm water relaxes these muscles and increases the intake of oxygen and nutrients which reduce pain and stiffness. The swelling around the injured area is also reduced due to the increased circulation which encourages healing.

‘The vet has said that my dog can’t walk more than 10 minutes, am I still able to bring them for hydrotherapy?’

On the day of the session, we advise that you replace it for their walk. Walking on land is completely different to walking in our aquatic treadmill or swimming in our pool. This is due to the buoyancy of the water supporting them throughout their session. The warmth and hydrostatic pressure of the water reduces any inflammation and causes decreased pain. On land they do not get the support of the water, therefore more pressure is forced onto the joints and more damage can be caused.


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