-What to Expect

Our FREE introductory session will last for approximately 1 hour. This allows your dog to become familiar with the surroundings, get used to us and be relaxed before the introduction to any equipment. At this time we will answer any questions you might have and conduct a full health check.
Prior to treatment, we require your dogs vet to complete a veterinary referral form providing details of any relevant case history. This enables us to tailor an individual programme to cater for your dogs treatment requirements.
Once your dog is relaxed and all questions have been answered we will then begin the introduction. Each dog is showered and fitted in a buoyancy aid or safety harness before entering either the pool or aquatic treadmill.
The first hydrotherapy treatment session will be short in duration as hydrotherapy is a demanding exercise. We then aim to gradually increase each session until we reach a full programme. After each session we shower off your dog again and dry them as best we can using our drying facilities. We do advise bringing a coat for older, arthritic dogs as its important to retain warmth and avoid long periods of exposure outside when they are damp.
We will then send regular updates to your veterinary surgeon informing them of the treatment and progress.
You are very important throughout the treatment and we would like you to remain with your dog for their sessions. We rely on your feedback and observations throughout all the treatment which helps us to tailor the programmes.

“Archie and Wotsit sporting their cosy dog coats after their hydrotherapy sessions”

‘Friendly, dedicated & professional care’ – Provided by highly trained and experienced staff

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